Ask about our NEW Whitening for Life Program!  For $99 you get a set of custom trays and 2 gels.  Everytime you come for your regularly scheduled recall appointment (within 3 weeks of your due date), you get a FREE tube of gel…FOR LIFE!  Call Brenda for details.

Take Home:

Refill Gel Tubes (Day and Night) – For existing patients with Custom Whitening Trays. Can also be used in Invisalign Trays! $18 per tube or 4 for $60

Poladay 35% and Polanight 10% – Take Home Whitening Gels are delivered via customized bleaching tray in 15-30 minutes for 35% or Overnight for 10%, 1 time a day treatment. Powerful, prescription-strength Take Home Whitening Gels are carbamide peroxide. Take Home Whitening Gels can provide results in about a week. $350


PolaOffice – Our In-Office Whitening is a chemically activated whitening treatment that offers results in about an hour. With a built in desensitizer, PolaOffice contains potassium nitrate, a known desensitizing agent. It acts on the nerve endings by blocking transmission of sensitive nerve impulses and providing a calming effect.
No light is required to accomplish effective results! $550